The Importance Of Home Health Care Services For Seniors

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Senior Home Health Care is not like a baseball cap where “one size fits all.” Seniors have special needs emotionally, physically, and nutritionally.

As seniors age their needs become individualized. Their diets are created around medications, allergies, and foods that promote health and well-being. Their needs demand activities, exercise – both mentally and physically, and they need to be kept mentally stimulated for their minds to stay active.

Types of Seniors

  • Totally independent
  • Active both mentally and physically
  • In relatively good health with minimal memory loss
  • Older adults who are activity driven
  • The elderly who are less active and secondary
  • Seniors with memory loss and need constant care
  • Seniors who are disabled and need assistance
  • Of course, let us not forget the Senior
  • Energizer Bunny who just keeps going, and going. Hooray for them!

No Two Seniors Are The Same

Schedules and guidelines assessed for each senior are necessary for following through with the appropriate care. Adults with minor memory impairment will forget the smallest details and that becomes a major problem in their health care, such as:

  1. Forgetting to take their medications
  2. Bathing becomes a chore
  3. Swelling of ankle and hand joints goes unnoticed
  4. They often put something on the stove to warm and forget to shut the burner off
  5. Put a meal in the microwave to warm up and forget about it, creating missed nutrition and leads to weight loss and illness
  6. Forget to ask who is ringing the front door before letting someone in their home.
  7. Unable to keep track of their money, paying bill, or where they spent their money.


Many areas are inaccessible and it is impossible to provide the needed care for seniors in their homes due to weather conditions. Winter weather makes it difficult to do daily checks on people who need constant care in their home when Long Term Care is not available due to a shortage of facilities.

Long Term Care

If home care is available, most seniors do better if they can stay in their surroundings. Home Visitor Care is appropriate in many cases allowing for personal assistance, meals delivered or home aids scheduled to ensure the person is receiving adequate care.
Senior homes are essential to assist many seniors with memory impairment, those who are wheelchair bound, and many in need of constant round the clock care. It is not only the care that seniors need but the facilities to care for the elderly when assistance is needed.